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A Series by Luis Flores Alvarenga


Tortilla (2026)

35 min |  6 Chapters |  Spanish  |  hn



Written by Luis Flores Alvarenga and Enrique Medrano

Produced by Luis Flores Alvarenga

A Thau Honduras production

Year: 2026

Genre: Documentary

Language: Spanish 

Subtitles: English 

Country: Honduras



Tortilla, Casabe and Sasal together with their comadres, tell us how, due to fate, they are passionate about their trade and show us their complicity in life, as they say: “we are together through thick and thin”. Each one of these fighting and hard-working ladies leads us to appreciate a diversity of tortillas in Honduras through their shapes, sizes, and flavors. During this trip we will discover the agricultural problems that surround it, the generational disinterest in learning and the automation of industrial processes; all this leading to a possible extinction of this trade, which has empowered women and has provided livelihoods to thousands of homes

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"TORTILLA" is going to present us with a reality, inhabitants of contrasting places, all of them deeply real and bearers of so much cultural and gastronomic wealth. It is a series that will lead us to search for our own identity, where each one of us has our own emotional heritage, thus inspiring the conservation of this heritage. And as a director I feel a great responsibility to create audiovisual productions that inspire and make a change in society. 

This story cannot be told without analyzing the latent threats that could put the trade of making and selling tortillas in danger of disappearing. Its variety of characters, its gastronomic value, cultural richness, food security, economic sustainability and emotional heritage  They are the perfect ingredients for a tradition to continue for generations and prevent its extinction.

Because the best TORTILLA is the one we carry in our hearts.




Honduran producer. 17 years in national production, In 2014 he founded the production house THAU HONDURAS, In 2019 he made his debut in national cinema as a producer in the feature film "90 Minutes" (best production at the Icaro International Festival 2021). He has participated in the Icaro International Festival, CAMPADOC, BOLIVIA LAB, he has also received a scholarship at FsPI Cine América Centra Panamá 2023, Talents Guadalajara 2023 and Selection Jury of Bolivia Lab



Director and scriptwriter, graduated from EICTV. His short films have been selected and awarded at festivals such as Sitges, Toulouse, New York and Guadalajara, etc. He has been selected in the Guadalajara Talents and in the Berlinale Talents. He is the first filmmaker to participate in the Ibero-American Feature Film Project Development Course. He is about to shoot his first film “Todas las horas del día”.

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