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Our production house Thau Honduras immerses itself in two worlds; The first is Thau Films, which is directly linked to audiovisual production and/or co-production, series, short films and feature films; documentary or fiction. And the second is Thau, the latter focused on advertising cinema. It was founded in the city of Tegucigalpa, Honduras in 2014 by its general producer Luis Flores Alvarenga.


The main objective of the production company over the years has been to build an auteur cinematographic vision with a social, environmental and cultural theme. That has not led to the development of impactful projects that have opened us up to new markets and audiences.

Thau Films in 2021 plunges into the world of documentary again with the production of the short film "La Serpiente de Shelmeca", a production that is currently about to premiere and start its tour of international festivals.

Thau Films is currently developing three film projects: The first is a Fiction Feature Film “The Lost Children” directed by Enrique Medrano, winner of a writing award from the National Film Institute (IHCINE) and the IBERMEDIA Development Fund. The second is a Documentary Feature Film “I am Rain” directed by Laura Bermúdez, which has won the writing award and the development fund of the National Film Institute (IHCINE). And the third is a documentary series "Tortilla" which has won a pass at the Meeting of Emerging Filmmakers of the Icaro International Festival in 2021 in Guatemala, The ACAMPADOC residency in Panama in 2022 and Winner of the Kino Residence at the La Guarimba Festival 2023

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