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I am rain

A film by Laura Bermúdez


I am rain (2025)

1h 20min   |   Miskitu / Spanish  |  hn

I am rain

Feature film 

Written and directed by Laura Bermúdez

Produced by Luis Flores Alvarenga

A Thau Honduras production

Year: 2025

Genre: Documentary

Language: Miskitu / Spanish 

Subtitles: English 

Country: Honduras



Wildres and Geydy Wood are two indigenous sisters, the first a biologist and the second an art historian, both of Miskito origin. They take us on a journey to the heart of the second most important jungle in Latin America, from the myths, legends and local stories of the inhabitants of Las Marías, the sisters explore the ancestral ties that remain in the collective imagination and reveal an underground archaeological secret of global importance and its indigenous connection with nature. Two treasures protected by the same blood, two treasures that are at risk of disappearing if we do not act in time. A story that proposes a look from inside the territory, with female leaders and that immerses us in an unknown world.

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For me as a woman and a filmmaker it is important to tell the story of "I am Rain" through its two main protagonists Geydy and Wildres Wood seeking in this way to decolonize our narratives from their perspective; in them two as sisters inhabit the true stories of the Miskitu people, from the perspective of Geydy as the first art historian of her culture, today she is immersed in her mission to discover the origin of the inhabitants of the mythical white city and his sister Wildres who is the first Miskitu biologist, motivated to conserve their territory, the second largest lung in Latin America, the biosphere of the Banana River. 


With this story we weave the connecting threads between human civilizations and their relationship with nature through the eyes and voices of two Miskitu sisters (Geydy and Wildres) in this contemporary world.

LAURA BERMÚDEZ / Director and screenwriter



Honduran filmmaker.  “Negra soy”, her latest short film received the Audience Award in the “Affirming the Rights of Women” section at the Malaga Spanish Film Festival in 2018 and was an official selection at the Sheffield International Documentary Film Festival In England. She has received scholarships from the Locarno Open Doors program, Berlinale Talents, Talents Guadalajara, American Film Showcase, Locarno Industry Academy, Guadalajara doculab, among others.



Honduran producer. 17 years in national production, In 2014 he founded the production house THAU HONDURAS, In 2019 he made his debut in national cinema as a producer in the feature film "90 Minutes" (best production at the Icaro International Festival 2021). He has participated in the Icaro International Festival, CAMPADOC, BOLIVIA LAB, he has also received a scholarship at FsPI Cine América Centra Panamá 2023, Talents Guadalajara 2023 and Selection Jury of Bolivia Lab

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